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2014-03-01 08:24 pm

XMFC/Firefly Fusion

XMFC/Firefly Fusion
Fandom: X-Men: First Class, Firefly
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Graphic violence
Pairings: Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, Armando Munoz/Alex Summers
Genre: SciFi, romance, action/adventure, drama

burn the land and boil the sea
"In which the Unification War begins, Erik leads the Browncoats' mutant faction, and Charles searches for something worth fighting for."

Erik and Charles are embroiled in the Unification war; Erik leads the Browncoats’ mutant faction, and Charles is a civilian advocate. The themes of the movie are transplanted wonderfully, and the characters’ histories cleverly adapted. Charles and Erik’s relationship is the star of this prequel, and it’s drawn very well - complicated and compelling, with neither side sanctified and demonised.

tell them i ain’t coming back
"In which the crew of Cerebro picks up a passenger on a border moon, Emma has a lead on an anti-mutant conspiracy, and Armando might be getting more than he bargained for."

The main course, so to speak. This story focuses on Armando, AKA Darwin, pilot of Cerebro, and his relationship with a quiet stowaway named Alex Summers. It turns out Alex is running from - and towards - more than they ever expected.